Declaration is a private networking app built for communities to convert followers into customers and enable short form advising. Join a network that creates positive social impact.

Elevate your collective. Add your network and download the app.

The fastest way to succeed is to learn from those that came before.

Our goal is to unite individuals, help each learn from the other, make new mistakes (instead of repeating old ones), and bring about an evolutionary leap in how knowledge is exchanged.

Remove the clutter that exists on social networks and allow your members to crowdsource their questions to a refined audience specific to their needs.

Ask questions and get answers in real time.

Life is an infinite loop between teaching and learning. Declaration’s platform features were built to optimize this loop enabling your members to get help and give help, in school and beyond. Nourishing and being nourished. Inspiring and being inspired.

  1. 1. Request a space

    Add your collective, organization or business to our platform by filling out a request to join form and if accepted our CEO will contact you directly to begin the onboarding process.

  2. 2. Invite your members

    Easily add individual members, or hundreds at a time, by uploading a CSV and send automatic email invitations to join your space with one click.

  3. 3. Increase your revenue

    Set your own membership prices, create paid events and receive an additional 2% from each paid member session. Declaration only charges 2.9% per transaction plus a credit card processing fee (2.9% + $.30).

Declaration is still in its early stages, but know that we built this product with deliberate intention to support each member when they need it the most. You are never alone when facing a difficult challenge. Tap advisors when you need help, develop a plan of action, and keep moving forward.

Fight on.